Introductory Seminar, 14 February, 2015 at Watchfield Village Hall Dojo

DSC_000013You have to be either very dedicated or have a very understanding partner to get away to train on Valentine’s Day. For some, being out of the way for DSC_000031_1DSC_000025_2a few hours is a gift in itself – Aikido people are thoughtful people!

It was a very enjoyable event and we are looking forward to the next one on the 28th of March at Watchfield Village Hall Dojo. Everyone is welcome regardless of style or affiliation. Please click on Events to get more information.















Embukai at Kamakura Budokan, May 18, 2013

Most of my time in Japan that year was spent not really understanding what was going on, or to rephrase it more accurately, understanding what was about to happen shortly before it actually happened. Anyway, I looked around and tried to follow what everyone else was doing as best I could. Often I got it wrong, but I found that my Japanese hosts were quite patient and accommodating. The people who made ukemi for me at this embukai were complete strangers and I had not practiced with them before. Aikido is truly universal and can be adapted instantly – sometimes it has to be!

Ato Keiko with Daigo, Kamakura Budokan, May 18, 2013

Hachimangu Event Demo, Kamakura, May 11, 2013

I was given about 15 minutes notice that I was to show some Aikido in front of the Doshu, Takeda Shihan and a whole host of Japanese Aikidoka – most of whom I had never met. I met the two kind gentlemen who were to be my ukes only a few minutes before the actual demonstration. Was I nervous? Just a little – I didn’t really have time to be. It was a great honour for me personally, and hopefully next time it won’t be so short!

Alister Sensei in Luebeck




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