Monthly Aikido Kenkyukai Seminars with Alister Gillies Sensei 


Alister Gillies Sensei will be hosting a series of themed Seminars over the next few months at the Village Hall in Watchfield, SN6 8TA.

All styles and grades welcome to our friendly dojo.

In the Aikido taught by Alister Sensei internal and external aspects are taught in unison, within an overarching and unified framework that emphasizes attention, posture and breathing.

Attention, posture and breathing underpins the development of Kokyu/Aiki. Through attending the seminars students will learn how to improve concentrated focus, use their body structure more efficiently with less physical effort and unify mind and body through the use of breath.

Students coming to the monthly sessions will learn how to access a level of whole body power that will dramatically enhance their Aikido performance.

Admission to the seminars will require evidence of adequate insurance. AKIUK reserves the right to refuse admission and to change specific details relating to fees, content, venue and times subject to reasonable notice.

To register please contact Alister Gillies at,  tel. 07969381705

Alternatively please complete the contact form below and you will receive a reply within the next few days.

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