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Tenchi pile imageTenchi: Building a Bridge Between Heaven and Earth: Man’s Natural Heritage of Power by Alister Gillies

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Bolzano 017Reflections on Nikkyo  by Alister Gillies




Takeda Shihan Takeda Yoshinobu: Boundless Energy and the Joy of Practice – article for It Had to Be Felt column at AikiWeb: The Source for Aikido Information

Takeda Shihan




The Energy BodyShaman's Drum by Alister Gillies, an Aikido Journal Blog article




23181166-clean-air-environment-concept-with-a-close-up-of-a-human-nose-with-a-natural-blue-sky-and-clouds-texBreathing for Life: You are How you Breathe Written by Alister Gillies,, December 2009




Hara by Karlfried Graf Dürckheim – book review by Alister Gillies




Departures (Okuribito) by Yojiro TakitaMV5BMjE1OTUxOTA1Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDc4ODQzMg@@._V1_UX67_CR0,0,67,98_AL_ – film review by Alister Gillies

Oscar Winning Best Foreign Language Film 2009